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Alternative title:
Hyōron-ka to nanimonai — 評論家と何もない 

A melancholic young man locks himself in his room until his supplies are finished. Agonizing in a state of starvation, slowly his sanity will fall apart and the barrier that defines the thin line that separates his traumas and fears with reality will become more diffuse.

This is my very first game and even though it's far from perfect, I love it from the bottom of my heart and want to improve from now on. 

The main theme of this game was composed by Mauro Mantovani. 

And the cover was made by V21e, here I'll leave a link to her DevianArt:
V21e DeviaArt

Both of them are talented artist, and I thank them for their collaboration.

Install instructions

*Remember that if the download does not start it may be because adblock blocks the pop-up. Click on the pop-up from above and enter the link or temporarily disable adblock on the site.

* I don't know if it is a requirement, but you should have downloaded 'Rpg maker MV'. Just in case. 

*Also, install the font of the game (Alte haas grotesk). Just double click it and give it to install. After that they will be installed on your computer.


El crítico [Mega] [Windows]
El crítico [Mediafire] [Windows]
El crítico [Mediafire] [Mac]
El crítico [Mediafire] [Android]
Game font (Alte haas grotesk bold) 141 kB
Game font (Alte haas grotesk regular) 140 kB

Development log

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